Most Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Collagen

Why is Collagen Important?

Collagen, a protein increasingly discovered by people for its perceived youthfulness, beauty, health, and strength benefits, is considered almost like the elixir of youth. The main reason for this is that collagen is a structurally important protein.

How can we consume collagen? Where can we get collagen? In what forms is collagen sold?

Collagen is now available in a healthy food form, not just in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics but also in the chemical industry. Collagen found in PACHA and Cracolla product lines, including healthy chips, granolas, and crackers, is entirely natural collagen. This collagen is obtained in our own kitchen, from local animals, using traditional cooking methods, making it a clean and high-quality collagen that you can consume with confidence, available exclusively in PACHA products.

How long and how often should I use collagen?

Pharmaceutical and industrial collagen products often recommend a 3-month usage period with breaks. This recommendation is also noted in prescriptions for collagens imported from abroad. Since the collagen in PACHA products is completely natural and clean, there is no restriction on usage duration; you can use it every day throughout the year.

Does collagen cause weight gain?

Know what you consume and pay attention to the ingredients. Check nutritional values; the recommended dosage will determine the daily calorie intake for you. PACHA products, with their clean ingredients and flavorings from fresh fruits and vegetables, are low in calories. A packet of PACHA Chips contains an average of 40-45 calories, allowing you to maintain your shape while consuming collagen.

At what age should collagen be used?

It is generally recommended for those aged 35 and above since collagen production slows down significantly from this age onwards. However, collagen intake is possible at earlier ages, especially recommended for athletes, those with injuries, muscle/joint issues, and skin problems. PACHA product line offers collagen-infused snacks for various age groups, from Kids for children to Fit for athletes and Cracolla for all ages, along with Granola for enjoyable collagen snacks. These foods not only contain natural collagen but are also enhanced and flavored with natural and quality ingredients without additives or preservatives.

Does collagen prevent aging?

The slowing down of collagen production and the reduction of collagen in our bodies manifest all signs of aging: wrinkles, hair loss, decreased muscle/joint strength, weakened nails, etc. Therefore, collagen intake may support the slowing down and improvement of all these aging signs. We especially highlight our PACHA Chips series as our product line with the highest collagen content.

Does collagen benefit the intestines?

Collagen supports the integrity of the intestinal barrier and promotes the healing process of intestinal cells, maintaining intestinal health. Since collagen is a structural protein type, it maintains the integrity of all internal organs and supports them. The Cracolla family, with natural collagen and a combination of plant and animal proteins, along with extra virgin olive oil and flaxseed, is an ideal snack for a healthy intestine.

Does collagen benefit joint pain?

As the amount of collagen in the body decreases with age, the risk of conditions such as joint pain or osteoarthritis increases. Osteoarthritis is a condition characterized by joint pain and stiffness due to the wear and tear of joint cartilage. Collagen intake and support for the body with collagen can help protect against the risk of joint wear.

How long should I use collagen for the skin?

Collagen is a structural protein that supports the elasticity of the skin and helps it stay moist, a fact established through scientific research. Scientific studies show that the most significant effects are observed after three months of regular use. Consume natural collagen with PACHA's healthy snacks every day, confidently, and take good care of both your skin and your entire body!

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