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What is Collagen?

Let's Get to Know Collagen What is Collagen? Collagen, known as collagen in English and expressed as collagen or gelatin in our language, is the...


Nutrition and Children

In our daily lives, our food choices are influenced by factors such as: 1. **Long-established habits:** We tend to stick with food habits we've...


Losing Weight with Collagen

Can I lose weight with collagen? Does collagen help with weight loss or cause weight gain? These are some of the questions that come to mind for indiv...


How do athletes eat?

+ Hello, everyone! Today, we are here with Turkey's fastest runner. Should we call you a national athlete, a marathon runner, or how should we des...


What Does Collagen Do?

Collagen, a topic that has become increasingly popular in recent days, can indeed be effective. Particularly, collagen products that frequently appear...


Foods Containing Collagen

Collagen, the most crucial protein in the body, is synthesized by nourishing from amino acid pools within the body. These amino acid pools and the ess...


About Protein and Collagen

+Protein is important. Is it because the stomach likes it so much or doesn't like it at all? - Actually, the stomach processes protein by sec...


New Flavor: Date PACHA

We are excited to introduce you to the sixth and latest variety of PACHA Chips, Hurmalı PACHA. At Guru Healthy Foods, we are committed to providing &q...


COVID-19 and Food Safety

Research has shown that there is no significant risk of COVID-19 transmission through food or food packaging (U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA...


How Much Protein?

Can you tell who you are by what you eat? Do our food choices really provide clues about our identity? While there might not be a scientific answer...