Most Frequently Asked Questions About Protein!


Most Frequently Asked Questions About Protein!

Protein, as we know, is the fundamental building block of our body and plays a critical role in maintaining our health and vitality.

But what does this building block mean?
Living without proteins is impossible. Whether from plant or animal sources, we must consume daily protein as our bodies do not store it.

Where can we find protein, and why should we consume animal protein?
Proteins obtained from legumes or grains have a low conversion rate back to protein in our bodies. On the other hand, proteins from animal sources, including eggs, red meat, chicken, turkey, and fish, contribute quickly to protein synthesis.

What other functions does protein serve?
Assists in the breathing of our organs: Proteins play a crucial role in the structure of hemoglobin, the oxygen carrier in our blood. In other words, they are used in the production of the element that allows our tissues and organs to breathe.

Supports our immune system: Proteins are crucial in the production of antibodies, which play a significant role in the body's defense against diseases. Protein is the nutrient that takes the lead in protecting us from immune system diseases and contributes to recovery during illness.

How much daily protein do we need? What are the foods that can meet our protein needs?
Our average protein requirement is 1 gram per kilogram. However, for a good and quality protein intake, 0.6 grams of protein per kilogram are sufficient. For example, a person weighing 60 kg needs only 36 grams of protein per day from animal sources. Quality proteins are derived from animal sources.

Common questions about protein powder and protein bars:
Common questions about protein powder include its purpose, whether it is harmful, causes weight loss or muscle gain, and whether it is chemical. Another topic is the curiosity about products such as protein bars, which come in many varieties, or questions like how much protein one should consume.

What kind of protein are we consuming?
In our opinion, as important as these questions, if not more so, is what kind of protein we are consuming and the original source of this protein. It is crucial for consumers to be aware of the processes their food undergoes, the treatments it receives, and the additives it contains before reaching them. Developing the habit of reading labels before purchasing food is critical for both personal and societal health in the long run.

Consume quality, safe protein with PACHA and Cracolla brands
As Guru Healthy Food, with our PACHA and Cracolla brands, we offer safe and quality options for you to obtain the necessary protein through our protein-rich, quality snacks that do not go through the factory process. We encourage the increase of societal literacy and put effort into raising awareness about reading labels before buying. Please read the labels carefully before purchasing our products to know how clean our content is, that there are no inorganic ingredients such as chemicals, flavorings, additives, and preservatives used to extend shelf life. 

PACHA Chips: Intense and safe protein with functional food
If you wish to get your protein directly from animal raw materials (not with powder), our healthy and surprising PACHA chips with a high rate of 64% protein are perfect for you. With these 10-gram smart foods, your digestive system will work minimally, and you'll stay fit with only 45 calories.

Cracolla: A gastronomic journey with both animal and plant protein
If you want to stay full throughout the day and dive into the middle of a great taste feast, try our 50-gram Cracolla crackers. Each of the three varieties is flavored with geographical labeled foods and extra virgin olive oils, containing natural protein and collagen.

PACHA Granola: Take protein, stay fit, and pamper yourself with freeze-dried fruits
Alternatively, enjoy your protein and collagen with a granola delight supported by yogurt or milk, and pamper yourself with the taste of freeze-dried fruits using freeze-dry technology.

As an academy-based and TÜBİTAK-supported food company, we blend our fundamental food knowledge with a clean content sensitivity for you. We are also confident in taste with our gastronomic experience.

In summary, we have thought of everything related to your food. All you have to do is get to know the PACHA Protein and Collagen Family, stay active by regularly consuming our selected product range, and enjoy the taste of the new generation of quality, safe, and delicious foods!

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