About Us - Cracolla - Natural Collagen Snacks


We are a food tech and innovation company focusing on functional foods and founded by Dr Asli Zulug, who is an academician, food engineer and woman entrepreneur. 

Inspired by trotter soup -the ancient flavour of Anatolia-, our company started as a science project in 2019. Firstly, we have presented the miracle of natural collagen in a healthy snack form, the first and only “collagen & protein chips” in the world. Continuing to develop different forms of tasty and affordable healthy snacks made of collagen & protein, we offer you NATURAL COLLAGEN with our patented functional food family.

We are a spin-off born at one of the leading universities in Turkey, Ozyegin University, with the motto of  “Healthy Food in the Light of Science”. PACHA products are developed at the university by food engineers and academicians of the Ozyegin University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts program who have backgrounds in both food science and gastronomy.


PACHA is a value-driven company and we aspire to provide high-quality, collagen-based products to a wider audience in a world-class manner. While producing our own natural collagen, we believe in offering healthy options to all with low-calorie and high-nutrition content products along with clear labelling and balanced portions

Innovation is crucial for us; thus, everything we do is underpinned by science and it is important to us that we draw on insight from our customers. As PACHA, we are constantly working on new high-value-added functional foods based on solid R&D studies while improving the nutritional profile of our products to help our customers upgrade their everyday lives with natural and smart foods.

We are also making sure that PACHA is part of the solution. Sustainability is in our core values: we are upcycling. We use bovine trotter as our main material. While trotter is generally treated as a waste in the meat industry, we take it, use it and transform it into a high-value-added functional food

We strive to increase awareness of food literacy in our society. Giving importance to food literacy, we come together with experts in their fields such as doctors, nutritionists, academics and national athletes on our own YouTube channel, seeking answers to questions and presenting informative content for people all around the world.

As PACHA, we pursue to be the first brand that comes to your mind when it comes to natural collagen by carrying our ancient tastes and values ​​to the future through functional foods while being a “bridge between the past and future”. We also aspire to be a pioneer in food innovation while being a “bridge between the local and global”.

Come & experience our NATURAL COLLAGEN based products with only natural ingredients without compromising on taste

And yes, while you experience our unique products, as the PACHA family, we will continue to work in the light of science, to innovate delicious and healthy foods for you every day.