Frequently Asked Questions - Cracolla - Natural Collagen Snacks

What animals is collagen obtained from, and do you have information about their diet?
In PACHA products, the source of collagen and protein is beef tripe. All animals are raised in humane conditions on farms and pastures, and they undergo regular testing before and after meat processing.

How do you provide the collagen it contains? Is it natural?
In PACHA products, the source of collagen and protein is beef tripe. Our products are made using 100% natural, beef-derived collagen obtained from reliable suppliers.

Who are our products suitable for?
PACHA products are the most practical and delicious way to consume NATURAL COLLAGEN AND PROTEIN and are perfect snacks that can fit in your bag or pocket.
Our products are suitable for:
- Those interested in anti-aging
- Patients with muscle and bone problems
- Active athletes
- People adopting a healthy eating lifestyle
- Adults over middle age
- Children
…basically, they are suitable for everyone!

Do they cause weight gain?
No, our products do not contain extra fat. Both our main product and our side products have low-fat content, and our natural protein and collagen chips are produced by drying, not frying.

What is the daily usage limit?
There is no upper or lower limit for collagen consumption. It is recommended to consult with your nutrition specialist or doctor to determine your daily energy, protein, and collagen needs.

What types of collagen are in the content?
Types 1, 2, and 3 are present.

What is in the content?
Our delicious and highly bioavailable products are made with 100% natural ingredients and do not contain preservatives, colorants, or refined sugar. Our products are made using high collagen and protein, and they come in various flavors, including spicy, date, ginger and lemon, and more.

Can PACHA products be consumed during pregnancy or lactation?
It is recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women to consume these products after consulting with their doctors. PACHA products are natural protein and collagen products, and all of our products are made using completely natural ingredients.