What is PACHA CIPS? - Cracolla - Natural Collagen Snacks

Yes, one of the most frequently asked questions about PACHA.

Because there is nothing quite like PACHA!

On this journey we embarked in May 2017, a patent application was made for a 100% natural, very healthy, and delicious product. We can actually call it a superfood.

The starting point: tripe soup.

A traditional soup that has been around from the Ottoman era to the present, but a challenging one.

Why is it a challenging soup? 
It's difficult to find, difficult to cook, difficult to drink in the summer heat, difficult for people with high cholesterol to consume directly, and even more challenging to drink regularly. With all its challenges, yet equally beneficial and delicious, we have turned such a special product into a cheerful snack for you and packaged it in a convenient way for easy consumption.

Our goal was to develop a product that offers:
Through all our efforts, we achieved all these goals. As a result of these efforts, we have created a healthy snack with approximately 64% protein and an average of 4,000 mg of collagen.

When we say 'chips,' you might be thinking of a fried product. PACHA is a unique functional food produced through a drying process, not frying.
P A C H A PACHA comes in a total of 7 different varieties: Don't forget to try these unique and diverse flavours of PACHA.

Stay healthy...
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